Hello, I'm André Michel

Welcome to my webpage!

  • info About me

    I am a student from Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), I live in Mexico and I'm 20 years old. I like reading, go outside, dancing, talking about anything and learning some different every day.

    I use an important part of my day to read about science and technology. I think knowledge must be free and ignorance is the main enemy of society. Although I like so much computing, my second hobby are languages.

  • local_library My career as software developer

    At 16, I started to learn programming in IPN. First I learnt Java and C, however, since 18 years old I decided to learn JS and C# as well as improve my skills and increment my knowledge by myself.

    Although I like web development, my goal is become a software architect and "extend me" to mobile development, parallel computing and computer science.

  • computer Fulfilled projects
    • Plendo

      This is a Twitter clone that I developed to learn MongoDB, Node.js, Express, Vue.js and YARN. It is always on and 100% functional. When I learn something new about JavaScript, I update it with what I learned.

    • Maximum Subarray Sum

      This webpage was my final proyect along with 2 other school mates to explain to everyone how works this algorithm and what is it for. It is on GitHub Pages and is 100% functional.

  • book Recommended books
    • Go ask Alice - Anonymous.
    • One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel García Márquez.
    • Esperanto y comunicación humana - María Isabel Nájera Sepúlveda.
    • Second star to the right - Deborah Hautzig.
    • Better off friends - Elizabeth Eulberg
    • The Memories of the Eagle and the Jaguar - Isabel Allende